Saturday, October 2, 2010

jAntung Hati saya..

Walaupun awak selalu
wat saya sedih..
Walaupun awak selalu wat saya ngis..
Walaupun awak selalu wat saya kecewa..
Walaupun awak selalu wat saya marah..

tapi saya tetap akan sayang kan awak sampai bila2..
sebab saya tahu semua manusia tak pernah sempurna..sentiasa mmbuat kesilapan..

Saya sayangkan awak..

* jantung hati saya Ahmad Hafizhin

I love you so much that words can't explain
this joy that I have for you.

When I am at the weakest point of my life
you are there encouraging me to run this race
because I am not only cause you are there with me.

You are on my mind day and night.

When we are apart I picture you gracious smile and gentle hug.

I can let my feelings out to you and won't regret it
because no matter what is you are always on my side.

I thank God for sending me someone like you who is precious and loving.

So I can truly say that you are the Angel of My Life!