Saturday, May 22, 2010

To A FrIeNd I LoVe WiTh All My HeArT
To Me YoU HaVe BeeN DeAr
YoU ArE aLwAyS HeRe RiGhT By My SiDe
EvEn WhEn i CrY My TeArS

YoU HaVe BeeN ThErE FoR Me
EvEn WhEn I DiDn'T ThInK YoU wOuLd
EvEn WhEn I DiDn'T NeeD It
YoU sTiLL DiD All YoU cOuLd

I HaVe FiNaLLy FoUnD A FrIeNd
I CaN TaLk To WiTh So MuCh EaSe
I CaN FiNaLLy SaY ThInGs FrOm ThE HeArT
AnD NoT GeT BaCk A TeAsE

YoU HaVe AlWaYs BeeN ThErE FoR Me
EvEn WhEn I TrIeD To MeNd A BrOkEn HeArT
YoU aLwAyS FiNd A WaY To CoMfOrt Me
EvEn If We WeRe ApArT

taken ...:DD lovely boy...^_^..
You live in my heart,i won't break it apart,
even if it makes me to cry,i will love you till i die.

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